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My name is Shannon Jones and I am a Certified Evolutionary Astrologer and Life Coach.

Who Am I?

What Am I here to do?

What is my purpose in life?

Each person on this planet is born with their own unique Soul Blueprint and inherent Evolutionary Purpose that if fulfilled, not only will inspire a life filled with joy, meaning and passion, but can also bring to fruition your deepest desires and help you reach your greatest potential.

Using my unique blend of gifts in astrology and life coaching, I will help you discover what your personal blueprint and purpose is and guide you in bringing this purpose and passion into every aspect of your life.

This is your Sacred Life Map – and the key to unlocking your limitless potential and living a life beyond your wildest imagination!

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“The Great American Eclipse” Season

“The Great American Eclipse” Season

We have two eclipse seasons per year, they always come in pairs on the full and new moons and are considered a time of re-boot of our consciousness, and acceleration of our evolutionary journey. In ancient times there was fear surrounding these celestial events... read more

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